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PMU Ombré / Powder brows treatment

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What are Ombré / Powder brows?

Ombré, also known as Powder Brows, is a permanent make-up technique to give brows a soft, powdered look resembling make-up. Brows are built up with small dots that gradually go from light to dark. Artistic Brows is a certified Phi specialist and uses only Phi pigments & equipment, for this reason we call our treatment Ombré / Powder PhiBrows.

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Pre- & aftercare questions on Ombré / Powder PhiBrows

It is extremely important to me that you enjoy your Ombré / Powder Phibrows for years to come. For this reason, I have detailed the most frequently asked questions about pre- and after-care of PMU eyebrows below. Make sure you follow these as closely as possible to ensure that your eyebrows heal properly and stay looking their best. If your question is not among them, do not hesitate to contact me.

Can I do PMU treatment if I am pregnant?2023-06-18T22:38:30+02:00

It is generally not recommended to have PMU treatment done during pregnancy. This is because there is a risk of infection, and any infection during pregnancy can have serious consequences for both the mother and the baby.

Moreover, the body undergoes many changes during pregnancy, and these changes can affect the way the pigment is absorbed and retained by the skin. This means the end result may not be what you expected, and you may have to have the procedure done again after pregnancy.

I advise you to wait until after pregnancy.

Can I dye my eyebrows after a PMU treatment?2023-06-18T23:13:47+02:00

It is generally recommended to wait until the healing process is complete before you dye your eyebrows after a PMU treatment. This is because the pigments used can change colour during the healing process, and painting your eyebrows too early can result in uneven or unexpected colour.

I recommend waiting at least 4 weeks after treatment before you dye your eyebrows.

Can I get PMU with blonde eyebrows?2024-06-23T12:20:30+02:00

A PMU treatment can be done with any hair color, including blonde. I work with both light and dark Phi pigments. I adjust the use of these pigments to match the person’s hair colour. If you have very light/white blonde eyebrows, I recommend dyeing your eyebrows every 6 weeks. You can easily do this at home yourself, and I will advise you on which dye to use. Schedule a consultation if you are still unsure about your hair color in combination with PMU, and I will be happy to help you further.

Can I shower after a permanent make up treatment?2024-06-20T16:37:03+02:00

After a PMU treatment, it is important to take extra care of the treated area for optimal healing and long-lasting results. While it is generally recommended not to wet the treated area or sweat excessively for the first 7-10 days after treatment, many people wonder when it is safe to shower.

The good news is that you can shower the first day after a PMU treatment. However, it is important to take some precautions to avoid getting the treated area wet. Avoid directly exposing the treated area to the water jet. You can use a shower cap for this purpose, or if you do not have one, use the handheld shower head to rinse off your body.

Can I tweeze my eyebrows after PMU treatment?2023-06-18T23:15:18+02:00

I recommend not epilating after a PMU treatment, especially during the healing process. Epilation can disrupt the area and possibly damage the implanted pigment, which can lead to uneven results.

After the healing process, which usually takes about 4-6 weeks, you can epilate your eyebrows again.

Can I use a (day) cream after the treatment?2023-06-17T12:03:10+02:00

After a PMU eyebrow treatment, it is generally recommended not to use any skin care products on or around the treated area for at least the first few days. This includes day creams, lotions or other products that (may) contain harmful chemicals or fragrances.

During the healing process, it is essential to keep the treated area clean and dry with the cloth provided. This is to promote optimal healing and prevent infections. Using skin care products on the treated area may cause irritation, itching or even an allergic reaction, which may affect the final result of your PMU eyebrows.

After the initial healing period, which usually lasts about 10 days, you can use gentle and fragrance-free skin care products on the treated area. It is important not to use any exfoliating or peeling products on or around your PMU eyebrows, as this can cause the pigments to fade.

Can my PMU turn grey or red?2023-09-29T16:52:35+02:00

With permanent make-up, many people worry about the possibility of their PMU turning red or grey over time. Discolouration can be caused by various factors, such as sun exposure, skin type and even the type of pigment used. However, with proper care and maintenance, you can prevent the PMU from discolouring and keep it looking fresh for years to come.

How do I prevent it from turning ashy or grey?

  • A grey eyebrow can come from a colour set too dark, I always look carefully at the skin type beforehand and what pigment it can handle. I always start the first treatment with a shade lighter, to avoid a too dark and greyish eyebrow. An ashy shade in the eyebrow is of course allowed, but it should not dominate.
  • A grey eyebrow can also be caused by permanent make-up that has been applied too deeply. This is precisely why it is important to use professional products. I use the simplicity master machine by Phi, which has a very gentle vibration so a powder technique cannot go too deep. For microblading, I use the thinnest blades, so it stays subtle.
  • An eyebrow can become greyer if you go under the sunbed too much, the strong UV will make the pigment dull. I therefore recommend rubbing eyebrows with an SPF starting at 30 in summer, this is also good for the whole face, of course. It doesn’t mean the sun will always turn your eyebrows grey, but extra protection can’t hurt.

How do I prevent it from turning reddish or ruddy?

One of the most important steps in preventing red discolouration is choosing the right pigment. PMU can turn red over time due to the presence of iron particles in old pigment. Iron oxide, which caused this red discolouration, used to be widely used in PMU pigment. These iron ions reacted with oxygen and other substances in the skin, oxidising the pigment and giving it a reddish or orange colour.

High-quality professional-grade pigments, such as Phi pigments that I exclusively use, do not contain these iron particles. As a result, I can guarantee that your eyebrows will never turn red.

Can PMU be performed on scarred eyebrows?2023-06-17T12:12:42+02:00

A PMU treatment can be performed on eyebrows with scars, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that pigment will hold well in them. Indeed, it happens that scars that are raised or thick may not retain pigment as well as flat, smooth scars. Moreover, scars that are still healing or have an active infection should not be treated until they are fully healed. Do you have a scar and would like to be advised whether PMU is a good solution to hide your scar? Then make an appointment for a consultation, during which I will advise you whether PMU treatment is possible and which technique is best for this.

Do I need to prepare my eyebrows for PMU treatment?2023-09-29T16:44:01+02:00

Yes, it is important to prepare your eyebrows before a PMU treatment. Proper preparation can ensure the best possible results and improve the longevity of the results.

Avoid 2 weeks before treatment:

  • Epilation, waxing, painting or threading your eyebrows: This way, I can work with your natural shape of eyebrows.
  • Use of exfoliants or acids on your face: These products can make your skin more sensitive and affect pigment absorption.
  • Use of retinol or other vitamin A derivatives: These products can make the skin thinner and more sensitive.
  • Sun and tanning bed exposure: Burnt or tanned skin is less able to retain pigment.

Avoid 24 hours before treatment:

Use of blood-thinning drugs and alcohol: This can prevent bleeding during treatment.

Does Bepanthen promote the healing process?2024-06-20T16:41:14+02:00

No, Bepanthen actually worsens the healing process. The reason Bepanthen is not recommended to use after a PMU treatment is because it contains ingredients that can fade the pigment. Bepanthen is an ointment usually used for wound healing, so it can interfere with the PMU healing process. Bepanthen contains ingredients such as Lanolin and Petrolatum found in Bepanthen to form a barrier on the skin, which can prevent oxygen from reaching the area and slow down the healing process. Additionally, these ingredients can soften the skin too much, leading to pigment fading.

After all our PMU treatments, we provide you with the appropriate after-care products along with instructions. This ensures that you know exactly what is beneficial for your skin after your treatment

How do PMU techniques differ?2023-06-18T23:11:29+02:00
  • Ombré, or also known as Powder brows, on the other hand, uses a machine with a soft, round needle to apply pigment into the skin. In this technique, a gradient is created, with the brows being lighter at the front and gradually darkening towards the tail. The result is a soft, powdery effect, similar to filling in the eyebrows with make-up.
  • Microblading is a technique that uses a hand tool with a series of fine needles to create small, hair-like strokes in the skin. The technique is used to create a more defined and natural-looking eyebrow. The result is a more defined and textured eyebrow that mimics the appearance of natural hairs.
  • Microshading is a combination of both techniques, in which a soft, powdered look is created by applying pigment into the skin using a fine needle. In this technique, tiny dots or lines are applied in a dotted pattern to simulate the appearance of eyebrow hairs. The result is a natural-looking, soft and powdery effect.

Each PMU technique has its own unique benefits, and the choice of which technique to use depends on the desired result and the person’s preferences. Would you like to be advised on this? Then book an free appointment for a consultation.

How is the shape of the eyebrows measured and determined?2024-07-10T13:46:59+02:00

The shape of your eyebrows is always determined based on your face. Permanent makeup of the eyebrows determines your expression and appearance and is as unique as you are. After I have measured and drawn the eyebrows, I always check them for symmetry using the facial analysis function of the PhiApp. This app makes a detailed scan of your eyebrows and helps in checking the symmetry. Thanks to the additional insights from the app, I can correct and perfect any small differences. This ensures that you always go home with perfect, symmetrical eyebrows that match your face.

How long does a PMU treatment take?2023-06-18T23:25:38+02:00

The duration of the treatment varies from person to person but also from treatment to treatment. Because I find it much more important that you go home with beautiful PMU results than that we have to watch the clock and rush. For this reason, I charge 1.5 to 2 hours per treatment; in many cases it takes less time, but as mentioned, this varies per person. During the 2-hour treatment, you get a consultation, the preparation of the area to be treated, the application of the pigment, any necessary retouching and the aftercare explanation. I am not satisfied until you are.

How long does the PMU pigment last?2023-06-18T23:17:08+02:00

The longevity of PMU can vary depending on factors such as the person’s skin type, lifestyle and aftercare, as well as the specific techniques and pigments. I only use high-quality Phi pigments for the best results.

On average, PMU lasts 1-3 years before needing to be updated or reapplied. However, some people may experience fading earlier or later than this period.

In addition, certain lifestyle factors can affect the lifespan of PMU. Sun exposure, swimming and certain skin care products can cause pigments to fade faster. It is important to note that PMU is not truly permanent, as the pigments will fade over time, touch-ups may be required to maintain the desired colour.

How long should I avoid sun or tanning?2023-06-17T12:08:21+02:00

After undergoing PMU treatment, it is advisable to avoid exposure to the sun and tanning beds for at least two weeks. This is because exposure to UV rays can cause the pigments to fade, which can affect the final result of the PMU eyebrows. After this period, it is advisable to wear a hat. If you do not have a hat or do not want to wear one, use an SPF 30 sunscreen made especially for the face. You can confidently apply this to your eyebrows. Reapply the sunscreen every two hours, or more often if you sweat.

I am allergic to PPD which is in eyebrow paint, can I still do PMU?2023-06-17T11:22:45+02:00

If you are allergic to P-phenylenediamine (short: PPD), which is also found in eyebrow paints, for example, it does not mean you are also allergic to PMU pigment. The ingredients in PMU pigments are different from those in eyebrow paints, and an allergy to one does not necessarily mean an allergy to the other. For this reason, I can guarantee that you will not get an allergic reaction from Phi pigments if you are allergic to PPD. If for any reason you are still worried, please let me know, I can place a test strip after which we can immediately see how the skin reacts. A test strip will disappear over time because it is placed in the first layer of skin.

What is the best way to treat my Powder brows during the aftercare period?2024-06-20T16:55:08+02:00

The aftercare of Ombré / Powder brows is crucial to ensure that the eyebrows heal properly and remain beautiful for a long time. The points below are important to achieve and maintain the best results.

  • Disinfect your eyebrows: After the treatment, I will give you an aftercare wipe to wipe away the wound fluid and disinfect it. You do this every half hour on the day of treatment. The day after the treatment, you only do this in the morning.
  • Keep eyebrows dry: Keep eyebrows dry for 7 to 10 days to allow the pigments to adhere to the skin. Therefore, avoid washing the face or applying makeup in the eyebrow area. You are of course allowed to shower, just a little more carefully than normal or using the shower cap provided.
  • Avoid Excessive Sweating: Excessive sweating can interfere with the healing of the eyebrows and can cause the colour of the pigment to fade. Therefore, avoid strenuous activities such as sports and saunas for 7 to 10 days.
  • Avoid sunlight: Direct sunlight can fade the colour of the pigment and irritate. Therefore, avoid sunlight for 7 to 10 days. You can wear large sunglasses, a hat or a cap in the summer.
    Do not scratch or rub the eyebrows: It is important not to scratch or rub eyebrows, as this can lead to irritation and pigment loosening. Itching may occur, but will soon disappear.
What is the healing process of PMU eyebrows like?2024-06-20T16:46:04+02:00
  • The first days after treatment: In the first few days after treatment, it is common to experience some redness and tenderness in the treated area. The eyebrows are darker than the desired result due to the formation of a scab.
  • One week after the treatment: Towards the end of the first week the scabs start to peel off, at first it seems as if there is not much colour underneath. The colour may appear faded or patchy at this stage, but this is normal, and the final result will take shape as the healing process continues.
  • Two / three weeks after the treatment: After the second week, the pigment slowly returns, and you will see the shape and colour better. You can fill in the eyebrows if necessary.
  • Four weeks after treatment: The eyebrows are completely healed. From now on, the follow-up treatment can take place to put the finishing touches on. So don’t be alarmed if the eyebrows are not completely to your liking after one treatment, this requires two treatments.

Will my PMU eyebrows get crusty?

A common concern after getting PMU eyebrows is whether scabs will form on the treated area. It is normal to develop scabs or flakes during the healing process, but this can be minimized by carefully following the aftercare instructions. Keeping the treated area clean and dry is important to promote optimal healing and prevent scabbing. Avoid getting the area wet, scratching or picking at the scabs, and exposing the treated area to direct sunlight, chlorine, or salt water. With proper aftercare, you can minimize discomfort and achieve beautiful, long-lasting results.

When is it not possible to do PMU treatment?2023-06-17T11:37:41+02:00

There are some situations where you should not do PMU, these are:

  • During pregnancy or breastfeeding: It is not recommended to do PMU treatment during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as there is not enough research to determine the safety of the procedure during these times.
  • If you are taking certain medications: Some medications such as acne medications can increase the risk of bleeding or affect the healing process, always let me know what medications you are taking.
  • If you have certain skin conditions: People with certain skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or rosacea around the area where the PMU is to be put, we do not recommend taking a PMU treatment, this is because the procedure can worsen these conditions.
  • If you have recently undergone certain cosmetic treatments: It is recommended to wait at least 4-6 weeks if you have taken Botox or fillers, for example, before having PMU done, this is to ensure optimal results.
Why choose Ombré / Powder brows over an alternative PMU technique?2023-12-13T14:18:06+01:00

First, I want to mention that every technique suits a person’s eyebrow type and desire. So it is not that one technique is better than another. It is more that a certain technique suits your brow type and desires better. If you are unsure about which eyebrow suits you best, schedule a consultation with me and I will help you with this.

In this, Ombré / Powder brows are suitable for all skin types, while for example, PMU Microblading is not always suitable for people with oily skin or someone with coarse pores. With Powder brows, a more natural tighter and fuller look can be created from a fairly full eyebrow, making it a popular choice for people looking for a more refined eyebrow shape. Ombré Powder brows involve shading pigment into the skin, resulting in a softer, more powdery look.

When we start looking at Ombré / Powder brows, this is often a solution for someone with a slightly fuller eyebrow, Microblading on the other hand is more for someone with a less full eyebrow. Say someone has coarse pores and oily skin, then Microshading can be a solution.

The positive effect of

Ombré / Powder PhiBrows treatment

Below, you can see some examples of the PMU eyebrow treatments that I have done. I do this work with great passion and pleasure, so I can guarantee that you will go home with a smile. Use the sliders below to see photos before and immediately after the treatment. The eyebrows are still very dark after treatment, but become lighter after complete healing.

pmu ombre powder brows photo before treatment charissapmu ombre powder brows photo after treatment charissa
pmu ombre powder brows photo before treatment manuelapmu ombre powder brows photo after treatment manuela
pmu ombre powder brows photo before treatment amberpmu ombre powder brows photo after treatment amber
pmu ombre powder brows before treatmentpmu ombre powder brows after treatment

Why choose Artistic Brows?

8 years of experience in cosmetic and medical PMU (hair loss)

Exclusive use of high-quality Phi pigments & equipment for the best results

GGD certified for hygiene and safetyregistered at Anbos

Specialised in Ombré / Powder, Microblading and Microshading

“At Artistic Brows, we don’t believe in standards or trends; we believe in eyebrows that perfectly fit your face. Permanent eyebrow makeup is a piece of art that defines your facial expression and appearance. It is something unique, just like every human being. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We work meticulously, dedicating ample time to each treatment.”

Julia van den Broek

pmu treatment julia van den broek

Customer experiences

The clients listed below received PMU treatments from me and reviewed me on Google.

Alternatives of Ombré / Powder PhiBrows

Because I am certified in all PMU eyebrow techniques, I am always able to advise and apply the most suitable technique for your face. So you don’t quite know what you want yet and would like to talk to me? Make an appointment for a consultation, I will help you further without any obligation so that you can get the best-fitting PMU eyebrows for your face.

microblading pmu brows tattoo treeatment


pmu microshading brows tattoo treeatment


The investment in yourself


All prices are in Euro and include: 21% tax, consultation, pre-treatment, epilation, the treatment and required after care for home use.

Ombré / Powder
New treatment
(incl. post-treatment)
Refresh within 1 year 150
Refresh within 2 years 200
Refresh within 3 years 250
New treatment
(incl. post-treatment)
Refresh within 1 year 150
Refresh within 2 years 200
Refresh within 3 years 250
New treatment
(incl. post-treatment)
Refresh within 1 year 150
Refresh within 2 years 200
Refresh within 3 years 250
Deepliner / Infralash
Upper & Lower
New treatment
(incl. post-treatment)
Refresh within 1 year 125
Refresh within 2 years 180
Refresh within 3 years 220
Deepliner / Infralash
New treatment
(incl. post-treatment)
Refresh within 1 year 110
Refresh within 2 years 150
Refresh within 3 years 185
Deepliner / Infralash
New treatment
(incl. post-treatment)
Refresh within 1 year 100
Refresh within 2 years 130
Refresh within 3 years 160
Ombré / Powder & Microblading & Microshading
New treatment
(incl. post-treatment)
Refresh within 1 year 150
Refresh within 2 years 200
Refresh within 3 years 250
Deepliner / Infralash
Both Upper Lower
New treatment
(incl. post-treatment)
300 220 200
Refresh within 1 year 125 110 100
Refresh within 2 years 180 150 130
Refresh within 3 years 220 185 160

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